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One of the most exciting things about music in 2018 is just how many YOUNG artists there are making waves, showing all of us that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can always dominate.  Here are some of my favourite artists that you MIGHT not realise are actually still teenagers….

Shawn Mendes, 19

Everyone sings along when ‘Stitches’ comes on the radio, but what you might not know about Canadian singer Shawn Mendes is that he’s only 19 years old! And he has 2 albums under his belt! And he’s the nicest person on planet earth. And he comes from Canada which is where all the cool people come from (Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Drake). His new single ‘In My Blood’ is super catchy, and if it’s a taste of things to come then it’s only just the start for this 19 year old superstar.

Listen here:



Khalid, 19

Khalid has blown up in the past year with his debut album ‘American Teen’, aptly titled because he himself is just a teenager. A grammy nominated teenager! His incredible voice has so much soul and depth, and the album itself is full of all out CHOONS. His latest collaboration with Normani ‘Love Lies’ has seen his big return to the charts after we enjoyed hits ‘Young Dumb and Broke’ and ‘Location’ in 2017. I can’t recommend this incredible artist enough.

Listen here:



Billie Eilish, 15

Billie actually just collaborated with Khalid on a gorgeous track called ‘Lovely’ that shows off both of their incredible vocals. There’s something about Billie that is kinda magical – she has an assurance and talent that makes you feel like she’s been around a while. Her music is badass – and the coolest part is that she makes it all at home in her garage with her big brother. She recently did a sold out tour of Oz – proof that you don’t have to be of legal drinking age to sell out a venue. Go Billie

Listen here:



RUEL, 15

Aussies represent! His name is Ruel, he’s only 15 and he’s freakishly talented. Like young Bieber meets JT level of talented. Even Elton John is a fan! He’s currently working on a debut album, but so far we’ve heard enough of Ruel to know that he has the potential to TOTALLY dominate with his pop/RnB sound. The future is (blindingly) bright for this one.

listen here:

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