Yay for the Aussie’s at the EMA’s!

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One of the best parts of my job is that I get to attend all the MTV Awards around the world – which means that in a couple of weeks I’ll hit up London to attend the European Music Awards. My favourite part of the EMA’s is that they highlight artists from around the world, and the nominations for the 2017 Best Australian Act have just been released. The good news? They’re all awesome artists, a true reminder of just how awesome Aussie music is.

You can vote for your favourite artist at mtvema.com – with the winners announced on November 13!

Jess Mauboy

Jess is one of the sweetest girls alive, with a huge personality and an even huger voice! She’s had an amazing year with the success of her TV show ‘The Secret Daughter’ and her track ‘Fallin’ was a huge return to the charts. Also she has an AMAZING wardrobe!

Meg Mac

Anyone that knows me, knows that Melbourne gal Meg Mac is one of my favourite vocalists on planet earth. Her debut album ‘Low Blows’ just dropped and it’s magical. Her live shows are a thing to behold and her song ‘Maybe It’s My First Time’ makes me weirdly emotional for some reason!


Have you ever seen a PNAU gig, and danced the night away to lasers and drums and techno beats? No? Then you haven’t lived! ‘Chameleon’ has been an absolutely MASSIVE track for these boys. My favourite part about PNAU is that they’re total weirdos in the best way possible. Our interviews generally start with music chat and quickly descend into cosmic universe discussions.


Old mate Illy is one of the biggest names in popular Aussie music. He’s released a new album, completed a huuuuge tour of Australia and generally just been a cool legend this year. His collaboration with Vera Blue on ‘Papercuts’ went crazy on our charts, which leads us to the final nominee…

Vera Blue 

I love love love love Vera. Love her style. Love her voice. Love her album. Love her. Another example of how strong our Aussie chicks are at the moment, her album Perennial is full of simply gorgeous tracks including the super cool ‘Regular Touch’ which I’m spinning on my radio show at the moment. Did I mention I love her?

Ash x

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