Why you need to pack your lunch

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What did you have for lunch today? Sushi? A wrap? A quick burger and fries? Chances are if you picked up your lunch on the run it wasn’t the best choice nutritionally. Not only do the meals and snacks we purchase on the go contain up to double the calories of a meal we would prepare at home, but we also spend plenty of cash on lunches with the average lunch spend coming in at $15-$20 for a single meal. So put most simply, one of the easiest and most powerful things we can do for both health and our bank balance is to get into the habit of packing lunch. This simple formula will ensure that you get the right balance nutritionally every single time:

Protein rich main

Your preference may be for leftovers; a wholegrain wrap, some brown rice and veggies or a jumbo sized salad but whatever your preferred lunch is the key is to make sure it contains at least a palm sized serve of lean protein such as salmon, tuna, chicken or turkey to help keep you full for several hours. Leftovers work especially well as you will find a hot lunch will keep you full and satisfied for a much longer period than a few pieces of sushi or a simple salad.


Fresh fruit is a source of fibre, natural sweetness and plenty of vitamins and minerals. With all the gorgeous fresh fruit in season now, adding a container of berries, melon or a small apple or banana offer the perfect low calorie snack to enjoy with lunch or as an energy top up in between meals.

Protein rich snack

Even if you do not need a morning snack, chances are by mid-afternoon you will be feeling peckish and the key is to aim for snacks that contains at least 5-10 grams of protein as well as some good quality carbs to keep you satisfied until dinner. Good options include a couple of Bounce Bites, cheese and crackers or a Bounce ball that contains up to 8g of protein and is a perfect pre-workout option.

Handful of nuts

We can all benefit from an extra serve of the good fats found in nuts, but the issue for many of us is controlling our portions, pre-packing our nut serves is an easy way to get the benefits of nuts without overeating. Another option is to choose a Bounce Plant Protein ball which contain at least 30% nuts and will combine the benefits of adding nuts into your diet as well as a serve of plant based protein.


Simply taking a bottle of water with you and keeping it handy will increase your water consumption on a daily basis. Keeping well hydrated is crucial for energy regulation and weight control and we all need to drink more, especially in summer.

Susie x

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