Who’s my favourite artist to interview?

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After nearly 10 years of working in music media, one of the most common questions I get is “Who’s your favourite artist to interview?”. Well that’s a lie – the most common question is actually who my LEAST favourite person is to interview – but I would never tell! Nothing makes me happier than a great chat with an artist who is open, fun, and relaxed. So if you’ve ever wondered what artists are really like behind closed doors, here’s my top 3 faves!

Bruno Mars

Bruno has just wrapped the Australian leg of his world tour, and if you got to see him live you would have no doubt had your mind blown by one of the best entertainers in the biz. But the even better news? He’s the NICEST GUY EVER! I’ve never laughed so hard as I did when I sat down with Bruno backstage at Melbourne’s Festival Hall when I was just starting out. There wasn’t a hint of pretentiousness about him, even though even back then he was a huge deal. He invited me and all my friends to the show that night, and we had a sweaty good time!

Niall Horan

Niall may have spent the past couple years as part of the biggest boyband in the world, but one on one you’d never even guess the dude is famous. He is the epitome of an “Irish lad”. Always down to laugh at himself, and stir the pot for a laugh. I’ve chatted to him 4 or 5 times over the years, and every time he leaves the room, he leaves everyone smiling. Last time he played in Sydney he was spotted lining up at the Irish pub across the road with his band going for a pint. Legend! As a side note, his debut album ‘Flicker’ is wonderful.


Smart, articulate, and full of heart. Lorde is a legend and one of my favourite people on earth to interview. The last time we chatted I was super jet lagged, exhausted – and by the time we’d finished the chat my heart was full and I felt like I could take over the world! Much like Bruno and Niall, its easy to forget that she’s one of the most successful pop acts in the world right now, because she comes across as so…normal! She’s the kinda chick you wanna be best mates with. Also she has amazing skin up close.

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