The silver lining

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Sometimes in life you don’t quite nail it. Like this month when I interviewed Little Mix, had a great chat, lots of laughs and then sat down for THIS photo. Eek

I’m always about finding the silver lining in the cloud, and the upside of this horrendously unfortunate photo of me is that it got me over a thousand likes on instagram, so hey! But there’s a deeper message here that I wanna talk about, and it’s one that took me years to be comfortable with.

It’s OK not to look, be, feel and project amazing all day long.

I am great at my job as a radio host. I don’t feel uncomfortable saying that! My job requires me to sit behind a microphone and share my music passion with millions of Australians every night. My job DOESN’T require me to look like a supermodel. Sometimes it can be a little daunting sitting beside super beautiful famous singers – but I’ve discovered how empowering it is to sometimes do so bare faced and confident! Not all the time – I’m not a masochist – but the more I do it, the more I realise that the world keeps spinning, even if i don’t look like a supermodel.

That being said – I just bought a new shade of MAC lipstick which I’m definitely going spin tonight on air. Because it’s all about balance x


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