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Hey guys – Ash London here, welcome to my first blog post!  I’m super stoked to be teaming up with the team at Bounce as your go-to music gal. I’m super lucky to have a job I love – hosting Ash London Live on your radios every night.  I’m crazy passionate about a life FULL of the best music on earth, so I’ll be hanging around all year to keep you up to date with the artists, tracks and gigs that every good music fan needs to get their ears around.

Last week I had the honour of hanging out with one of my ultimate girl crushes – Aussie singer Meg Mac.  Not only does this chick have one of the most intriguing voices on the radio – but she’s a complete honey.  On Friday her album FINALLY dropped after years of me recycling the same handful of her songs on repeat.  It’s called LOW BLOWS and if I can give you one tip – it’s to get involved.  I’m not the only one who agrees – the album has shot straight to #1 on the Aussie iTunes charts on its day of release.

I honestly believe that Australia makes the best music on earth, and its chicks like Meg who prove my point.  If you get a chance to see her perform sometime soon – make sure you dish out the dollars and get yourself some tickets, as she’s one of those rare talents that sounds even better live.  She doesn’t say much – but when you sound that good I don’t think you have to.

As for my favourite tracks off the album?  We’ve been spinning ‘Maybe It’s My First Time’ on my radio show for a couple of weeks now and overtime my heart does a little smile.  There’s another track called Cages which is a jam.

Fun fact? She recorded the album in Fort Worth, Texas – on tape!  That means nothing was digital – it wasn’t just recorded into a computer in a hundred different parts and altered within an inch of it’s life.  Not many artists can make a good record that way anymore!

I’ll catch you soon for another music update – in the meantime enjoy some good Aussie music (legally, please!)

x Ash

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