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Our Bounce Effect mantra, ‘Eat good, feel good and do good’, demonstrates the energetic connection between the goodness we put into our bodies (and minds for that matter) and the way we feel. When we eat well and make conscious lifestyle choices, we feel good, and we give off an infectious vibe that rubs off on those around us. And with an abundance of energy, we have more energy to give to others. It’s good times all round.

For us at Bounce, this has become more than just a mantra. It’s a conscious commitment to our own personal well-being and a desire to contribute to the lives of others in whatever way we can.

Earlier this year, at the Bounce Breakaway, we came up with the ’21 Day Bounce Effect Challenge’ with the purpose of creating a Bounce Effect in our own lives.

They say it takes 21 days of consecutive action to create new habits. So, as a team, we individually set ourselves five daily rituals and personally implemented them over 21 days based on the Bounce Effect Philosophy. It was important that we made these tasks achievable; the idea being to inspire (and not overwhelm) ourselves. It had to be fun and had to feel good.

Here’s a snippet of the rituals I committed to and a little bit about what I learnt about myself in the process.

My 5 Daily Rituals –

1. Exercise daily (even if it’s a short walk)
2. Daily power smoothie with our Daily Superfood Shot and coconut oil for breakfast
3. Meditate for 10 minutes every night before bed
4. Write down five things I am grateful for each day
5. Go out of my way to acknowledge someone everyday

This was a great exercise in committing to myself again. I realised that since the business began, and our little ones came along, I had become very skilled at putting my needs aside by prioritising the needs of my children and the business. I was focused on doing good for others but had forgotten how important it was to give back to myself. So by bringing it back to basics, making time to exercise (however vigorously) and taking the time to prepare nutritious food for myself (instead of eating it on the run) felt really nurturing and energising.

Being still (my form of mediation) for 10 minutes every day was heavenly. During this time, I was able to escape from the mental noise and simply listen to my breath. There was nothing to do; no one asking anything of me, no projects on the go, no emails to respond to… I found this to be a wonderful way of recharging my batteries. I highly recommend it.

The gratitude exercises helped me get present to all of the good stuff going on in my life. Sometimes it’s all too easy to focus on the problem areas and lose focus on what’s working well. And, because I did this exercise before bed, it was a great way to end the day feeling good.

Then there was the acknowledgment ritual. Acknowledging others can feel a bit scary; as it is not something we are typically taught how to do. I think we also tend to worry about putting ourselves out there. However taking the risk and going out of our way to tell others that we appreciate their efforts has the power to take the relationships in our lives to a whole new level.

I got a real kick out of looking for the good in others and letting them know how much I appreciate them. It felt like wrapping up a parcel of good energy and giving them a gift. It felt so good to give it and to intentionally spread the Bounce Effect.

The 21-Day Bounce Effect Challenge was a powerful way for me to connect with what our mantra means to me. It will mean something different for everyone.

What does it mean for you? What could you do to create your own personal Bounce Effect?

Paula x

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