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Armed with my plant based Bounce Balls, this week I hit the Arias, ready to host the red carpet! It was an amazing night – as usual – celebrating my favourite thing, Australian music! Being amongst it is always an incredible experience, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments from the big night.

Amy Shark

Amy is a huge success story – never giving up even after busking and playing pubs for 10 years! She teared up as she got on stage to accept her first award for Best Pop Release. It was amazing and humbling to watch someone so grateful for her success. And a lesson for all of us – to chase the dream no matter how hard it seems.

Peking Duk and Jess Mauboy teaming up

Two of my favourite artists, and three of my favourite humans! Sometimes we forget just how talented Jess is, but when she opened her mouth and sang the pants off her song, everyone got the reminder they needed. Cue the curtain dropping, and Peking Duk hitting the stage with fireworks coming out of Adam’s guitar. A worthy prelude to the boys taking out Song of the Year.

Harry Styles in the flesh

Need I say more? I touched his suit backstage and it felt like clouds and he smelled like heaven.

Gang of Youths and AB Original dominating

Important bands with important messages. A true reminder of the beauty and power behind our indigenous community, and the communities that have immigrated to this amazing country. Do yourself a favour and watch their acceptance speeches, then go hug someone. 

Illy finally getting a nod

12 nominations and no win until he took out ‘Best Australian Live Act’. None deserves it more than this fella who just did over 70 live shows throughout Australia for his latest tour. You’ve never seen a more relieved human being than Illy on that podium!

All in all – the Arias was an amazing reflection of the incredible industry we have here in Australia. Let’s all take the opportunity to listen to it as much as possible!

Ash x

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