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As my head hit the pillow, I felt the tension begin to evaporate from my shoulders and my tiredness melt into the mattress, which somehow managed to hug my body in all the right places. After another busy day juggling a hectic work schedule as well as the mad school dash and everything else that goes with it, I found myself marvelling at how my day had actually been a good day.

Everything had gone fairly smoothly, despite my expectation of more difficulties, given that my husband Andy (Co-Parent, Co-CEO and Co-Everything) was away on business and I had sole responsibility of running the ship at work and at home.

I began thinking about what made this particular day seem so manageable? Without a doubt it was the support of others around me that made all the difference.

At work, the presence of a committed team that handled the daily orders and enquiries meant I could focus my attention on a number of other projects. The consistent quality of work provided by the Bounce team allowed me to pursue longer-term goals with a sense of ease. At home, I had some extra help with household tasks and the school run, which made my “to do” list… doable.

On a personal level, friends were checking in and asking if they could help, which meant so much. Although I rarely took up their offers, their intention somehow lifted me. I felt more buoyant; as if just through speaking with my friends some extra energy had been injected into my veins. For me, even just knowing that I could call on someone, and that support was available, made all the difference.

I was experiencing a Bounce Effect of my own, at the hands of others. The goodness I received from the people in my life gave me the boost I needed to thrive under challenging circumstances, rather than just merely surviving them. I’m so grateful for the acts for kindness shown to me, which in turn has deepened my awareness of how even a small “do good” gesture of support can make a significant impact on the life of someone else.

Getting the support we need helps us feel good in the throws of our hectic life. And when we feel good, we have more energy to enjoy life and have a greater capacity to “do good” for others.

When we make an effort to understand the needs of others and go out of our way to support their needs in whatever way we can, be it practical support or even just a phone call, we lighten another’s load and make a meaningful contribution to their life. And we feel good too, as a consequence of making that difference.

Thus, it becomes a perpetual cycle of giving and receiving. It’s The Bounce Effect….

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