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In a past life, as a life coach, I guided my clients as they faced the obstacles to their goals; challenging and supporting them to find ways to get over them.

If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know the significance of this blog, which I started to offer snapshots of my own life and how I am evolving with the Bounce philosophy.

Just lately however I encountered some major obstacles of my own in relation to this goal, which dampened my spirits and had me question myself on more than one occasion. I found myself asking… “Am I really meant to be doing this?,” and “Is it supposed to be this hard?”

In the face of heavy challenges, it is natural to second-guess ourselves and question the very reason we started.

So how do we know which way to go? How do we work out whether to continue on our path or to abandon it altogether? Or do we step back until conditions prove more favourable?


A strong purpose can pull you forward in the face of difficulty.

Asking “Why am I doing this?” with an open and curious mind unearths information we need when at a crossroads. It enables us to check back in on whether our goal or project is aligned with our deepest values. If we don’t know the “why”, it is more likely that we will give up at the first sign of trouble.

When I asked myself this question, I was reminded that I am sharing my stories and insights with the purpose of contributing to the lives of others; and being of service is a primary source of meaning for me. (I’m no Mother Theresa but doing good is one of the things that give me energy).

Coming up against an obstacle can be an opportunity to gain the clarity we need to re-commit to our original purpose, re-energising us for the work ahead.


Readiness is a knowing that you have what it takes.

“Am I ready for this?” is a great question. There are times when the challenges we face seem too big, and we don’t feel strong enough to take them on. We just don’t feel ready. At times like this, there can be merit in pressing ‘pause’ and shelving things until we feel differently.

However we can move past any obstacle if we perceive ourselves as having the strength, resources and the willingness to overcome it.

Working through a very difficult situation requires us to dig deep and call on reserves of strength and self-belief we may not have known we had. And strong self-belief helps us to navigate our way through life’s ups and downs.

Facing obstacles is never easy. When we set ourselves large-scale goals, we meet with resistance on a larger scale too. Thankfully we learn and grow as a result. The obstacles that inevitably arise in life give us occasion to reflect on what matters most to us, and help us to develop the qualities necessary to rise, and even shine, in the face of them.

So as you can see, I haven’t thrown in the towel. You will be hearing from me again. I hope the same goes for you.

Paula x

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