Peanut The Nutty One

If you’re looking for a post workout snack, you’ll go nuts over this powerhouse of protein. The alpha of the Bounce Ball range, this contender weighs in with a whopping 14g of protein and is packed with peanuts.

Life Hack: Pop this one in your gym bag to refuel after that tough gym session – go you!

  • 14g high protein
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugar
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

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Box of 12 balls $36.00

Nutritional information

Nutritional Information

Per Serving (49g) Per 100g
Energy 837kJ 1708kJ
Saturated fat
Total Carbohydrates
Protein 14g 29g
Sodium 150mg 306mg

Ingredients benefits

Health Benefits

– Peanuts are not nuts at all: they’re actually very sane. They’re also highly nutritious, packed with an array of vitamins and minerals: B, E and manganese to name a few.
– High in heart healthy unsaturated fats which help to lower the risk of heart disease, and maintain normal cholesterol. It gets our tick of approval.
– Quality whey protein adds to the creamy texture and is easily absorbed by the body. The protein content will fill you up without letting you down.
– What’s cooler than being cool? Being cold pressed: which preserves the natural nutrition derived from our ingredients.
– Here’s what’s missing but won’t be missed: artificial sweeteners, refined sugars and all things artificial.



We list everything: Peanuts (29%), Brown Rice Syrup, Fruitrim® (Brown Rice Syrup, Grape Juice), Whey Protein Blend, Whey Protein Crisps (Whey Protein Blend, Tapioca Starch, Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Lecithin), Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Mixed Tocopherols, Sesame Seeds.

What People Say

absolutely love Bounce Peanut Balls, perfect to keep in my handbag when running around trying to do everything and i just need a delicious pick me up, that i dont feel quilty about having.

karina winterperfect for on the go

I do CrossFit about 5-6 times a week & drink a lot of protein and sometimes...I don't feel like drinking it as I get a bit over it. So instead I eat these delicious peanut butter protein balls. And they are seriously the best tasting protein balls I have ever tasted :) I

DianaBest tasting protein balls ever

I am addicted to these peanut protein blast balls because they are soooo peanut buttery, chewy and mildly sweet! I love how the whole ball is coated in big chunks of peanuts, which complements and balances the sweetness of the ball! It is the perfect post workout or any-time snack as it can easily fit into my gym bag, uni bag, hand bag and glove box and is packed with protein, carbs and fats! Super delicious!

SarahWho needs a snickers bar when you have these Peanut Protein Blast Balls!

I gave these a try when I was looking around the supermarket for some kind of post workout protein snack.
Now I'm addicted, they are amazing!!! I have them everyday post workout, super yummy.

CharieBest post workout snack

Portable peanut butter! These little balls of goodness are the ultimate way to stave off mid-afternoon cravings. Packed with protein, they keep me full until dinner. So much better than raiding the vending machine at work!

AnnaWhat's better than peanut butter?

I absolutely love the Peanut Blast. They are great for a quick fix before or after a WOD or for a quick snack when heading out to school pick up. Keep up the great quality.

Kym NewtonBlasting away with Peanut

I like peanut butter, but sometimes a lot of it can be too much. Not these. I love them, just the right amount to not be sickly :-)

SuzanneNot too peanutty

You balls have arrived and we are already ordering new ones they are too good to be true. Keep up your standards and we will be your client forever! :-)

KatNew Order

I love these balls. They taste delicious. It's really hard to stop at one!!

Kathie StanDelicious

I find these to be the most filling of the Bounce Balls, so they are great if you're starving and need something fast, easy and healthy. If you're a fan of peanut butter, then this is the ball for you!

MelissaSuper filling

As a peanut butter addict, it was nice to find a delicious snack that is high in health instead of nasty added ingredients!

Claire LingfordPeanut butter hit

These are excellent morning tea snacks when you are busy on the go.

Melinda LohWell satisfying!

I probably have 1 to 2 of these a day, they get me through work in-between meals and keep me going on all our adventures. They are scrumptious.

Sarah TurnerMy favourite Bounce Ball

Really love the peanut bounce balls, keep making them please! They have become my breakfast, I usually have one every morning with my coffee during the week

Justin PindarKeep making them

These have got to be the best protein balls I have ever tasted!! So so so yummy!!!

Michelle WalkerSo so so yummy
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