Coconut Cacao Delight Bites

A delicious and nutritious combination of sweet coconut and rich cacao. Our simple recipe contains only high quality, natural ingredients without all the nasties.

  • No refined sugar
  • Gluten free
  • GM free
  • Cold pressed
  • Low GI
  • Nothing artificial
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Each box contains 8 x 120g packs
Box of 8 packs $49.00

Nutritional information

Nutritional Information

Per Serving (40g) Per 100g
Energy 676KJ 1690KJ
Saturated fat
Total Carbohydrates
Protein 5.2g 13.1g
Sodium 10mg 25mg

Ingredients benefits

Health Benefits

– Coconut is the belle of the ball with its good fats and high fibre content.
– The exotic Amazonia princess cacao is full of antioxidants, iron, magnesium and calcium.
– Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? It even preserves Bites, naturally!
– What’s cooler than being cool? Being cold pressed: It maintains ingredient integrity for optimum nutrition.
– Here’s what’s missing but won’t be missed: artificial sweeteners, refined sugars and all things artificial.



We list everything: Brown Rice Syrup, Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Sunflower Seed Kernels, Coconut Flour (8%), Whey Protein, Cacao Powder (5%), Tapioca Starch, Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Natural Flavour, Rosemary Extract.

What People Say

These Coconut and Cacao Bounce Bites are The Best! They are delicious and a perfect snack to carry in your handbag or in the car on a long trip.
The bites are smaller than the balls so you can have more than one!!!
Just try and not eat the whole pack in one sitting, go on I dare you!!! ;-)

Susan TorpyThe.Best

I am a self confessed chocaholic. So when i replaced a comercial chocolate bar with the coconut and cocoa bounce bites i was blissfully aware how much better they are!
A rich cocoa taste with the lightness of the coconut the texture is perfect. My needs are fullfilled with this product. Yum, thanks Bounce!

Melanie YoungBetter than a chocolate bar!

I tried these for the first time today because i was CRAVING chocolate but I'm not allowed to have that because of my health problems. These are amazing, i love them. They curbed my chocolate cravings & got my sugar levels back up without that sickening sugary taste.

StephanieBest healthy snack

The bites are not only tasty but healthy too. You cant beat that!

D MarrYummo!

They sounded delicious. They looked delicious. And they actually are delicious. Unlike some similar products which are tatsteless, these are amazing. So tasty, and a perfect snack or healthy treat, or just for that choc hit. Handy to keep in the cupboard for when you need, or perfect size for your bag, work and on the go.

TamekaLittle bites of amazing.

Perfect for the sweetest tooth. I enjoy them on their own or topped on yoghurt & fruit or even with some natural crunchy peanut butter. Rarely last very long in my pantry, these goodies speak for themselves, little nuggets of goodness.

Jemimah ChisholmCacao love

These taste BOMB! Exactly like a coconut chocolate macaroon but more chewy and dense. I love how there are shreds of coconut throughout them because it really enhances the coconutty taste and texture. I also love how the balls are smaller than the traditional balls because it takes me so much longer to eat!

Sarah KyConvenient and addicting

Just purchased and tasted these for the first time.....WOW!!! Definitely buying these on a regular basis. The taste is moreish, just the right size to pop in your mouth on the go, wholesome, healthy snack that boosts your energy levels, and packaging that is compact and convenient....WINNER!!!!

DiLiving Up To Their Name

Absolutely love these bounce bites, they taste amazing and keep me going throughout the day Inbetween meals as I am a busy mumma that's always running around!! Will be getting my little one onto them in no time!! X

Janaya ChristineSo good!!!!!

Love the bounce products, healthy and tasty! Great fix for when you're craving something sweet, with no guilt! Very handy to keep in your handbag or at work and they're a good size to snack on with resealable pouch to keep the rest for later. Nice crunch to them too.

Belinda IngramYummy snack

Absolutely love these bounce bites. They make for the perfect snack to throw into my handbag, and definitely cure any sweet cravings.


These Coconut Cacao Delight bounce bites are absolutely delicious! They are chewy, sweet and very coco-nutty! I love how the sunflower seed kernels give the balls a slightly crunch texture and a savoury kick to the balls to balance out the sugary flavour. Best of all, I love how it is made of natural healthy ingredients, but taste like a naughty treat. For me, they are the perfect size and perfect snack to eat anytime I crave something sweet! Nailed it!

SarahPerfect health treat to satisfy my sweet tooth!
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