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We wanted to mix things up a little this month and give you insight into what one of our Bounce crew got up to earlier this month. Here is Joan’s story:

When is the last time that you have really challenged yourself (mentally and physically), really pushed yourself for the greater good. Last weekend I did, and I am still on a high from the experience. I have done a lot of fundraising over the years and I have always felt good about it, but nothing has come close to how I felt last Saturday afternoon. I was privileged enough to take part in the final stage of the 1200Km’s for kids charity ride – a 175Km cycle from Newcastle to Sydney. Committing to this ride 2 weeks out from the event with very little training under my belt was a huge moment for me. My motivator and inspiration was a young boy called Wyatt. A handsome 6 year old with a smile that would melt even the hardest of hearts. That smile hid the fact that he had just undergone major surgery to remove a tumour from his spine, it was not his first surgery of this type and it will not be his last. Over the 2 weeks, I got myself organised with fundraising and travel arrangements, as well as trying to squeeze in some training before work. At 5am last Saturday morning it was go time. I met with the other 19 riders and the fantastic support crew and to say I was nervous would be a big understatement. After a tasty breakfast on the Newcastle Foreshore, we set off on our 175Km trek. Almost 10 hours later we arrived at The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney to a huge welcome by family, supporters, hospital staff and the wonderful team at The Humpty Dumpty Foundation. Throughout that 10 hours, we had rolled through some amazing countryside, avoided potholes and obstructions along The Old Pacific Highway, got pelted by hail, sheltered from some lightening and got rained on for a good 6 hours, but none the less we were all smiling from such a big accomplishment. Throughout the day I got to speak with most of the other 19 riders, all of whom had been together for 9 days straight and had riden all the way from The Sunshine Coast to Sydney, they’re motivation “we are doin’ it for the kids.” It was amazing to hear the stories of what motivated them to take on such a huge undertaking. Most of them have personal reasons for participating, but for a few it is just the drive to do good. During the 9 day trip, the team presented cheques to 9 hospitals along the route and had the opportunity to see for themselves exactly where the money is to be spent. At The Royal Northshore hospital, I got to do a tour of the Neo Natal Unit along with a few of the cyclists and support crew and there was not a dry eye among us. In the high dependency unit, we got to see the amazing work the nurses do and to hear stories of how the various machines donated by 1200Km’s for kids have made a difference to very sick children and their families. I met Owen and his parents, a little boy born at 24 weeks and weighing a mere 700g. Now at 10 weeks old, he is in a specialist incubator donated by the team last year. This incubator is state of the art and it has made a massive difference to his life and the life of his parents. Without this machine, Owen would still be in a full incubator and his parents would only be able to hold him for 1 hour a day. Owen moved into this new bed once he weighed 1kg and as it is not fully enclosed, his mum and dad can touch and kiss him all day long. This would not have been possible without the great work the charity does. My reasons for participating are less personal than some of the other crew,  but none the less I have made a commitment to do the full ride next year. This time, I will do all the proper training and start planning at least 6 months out. If you have time, jump on the official website and read some more about this amazing charity that has raised over $170,000 for sick kids this year alone.

2016-10-27-15_07_22-le-one-photography-_-october-22-newcastle-to-sydney 2016-10-27-15_16_03-le-one-photography-_-october-22-newcastle-to-sydney


We had a blast at the Melbourne Gluten Free Expo! It was awesome catching up with all of you that dropped by our stand to get your hands on our balls (both old and new). That wraps up our consumers shows for this year, onwards and upwards to 2017.



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Here’s one your kiddies can enjoy! Chock full of superfoods, our kids vanilla shake is on sale for just $19.95. It not only tastes great (no tantrums here), but also provides fantastic nutritional benefits for growing bodies.


Who doesn’t love free balls? Right now you can purchase 12 balls from our Cafe Bounce range and receive 6 balls free, all for just $29! Crafted from the finest quality nuts, fruits and seeds (with no artificial anything) they’re a healthy, tasty alternative to sugary cafe treats.



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You guys have been pretty creative with our balls this month, check out these fabulous images that have been shared with us and be sure to keep ’em coming!

1-17@hautefitness_ Putting a Spring twist on things!

2-17@kymmie____xo loves her some Superberry!

untitled-design-32@jesseleeclothing all set for a ride!

That’s it from us this month, be sure to #grablife whenever you can. Get out there, get amongst it and enjoy that sunshine, much love xx

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