Mindset & Goal Setting – Part 1

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When I work with athletes we run through a three step process to get them on track to achieve their goals. The three steps are what I call the three A’s – Awareness, Acceptance and Action.

This post will focus on the first A, Awareness.

When setting a goal it’s important to have not only a clear idea of what you want (the goal itself) but all the steps that are involved in reaching that goal. I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of honest introspection in figuring out your “why” – or the motivating reason behind why you’re chasing that goal. That same ability to honestly appraise your own abilities is once again the most important part of the process in the Awareness step. Awareness is the process of identifying all the elements that will play a role in achieving your goal, listing them, then organising them into two groups. “Things you can control” and “things you can’t control” – which we will talk about more in the next post. For example, for someone looking to lose 10kg they can control how much they are exercising, the food they’re eating, how much they are drinking, the amount of sleep they’re getting etc. However there are also things they can’t control. If they get sick, have work or family commitments if their car breaks down on the way to the gym, etc. All of these obstacles also require an awareness of what actions can be taken to overcome them. Which we will discuss in the next post.

Try writing a list of all the obstacles keeping you from your goal and then group them into can and can’t control.


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