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Here’s the second instalment of our “Good Doer” interview-style blogs.

This time I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Macushla Montell, a true Aussie go-getter, entrepreneur and mother of 3 who is doing good in her own life whilst making a career out of helping others do the same. Macushla grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, she learned the entrepreneurial ropes by watching her parents start and sell numerous businesses. As a child, she lovingly remembers being surrounded by creative people and entrepreneurial energy. She was privy to it all – the highs and lows; the wins and losses that affected her family’s businesses and as a result, developed a strong desire to help.

Over the years, Macushla delved into numerous businesses of her own – opening her own dance studio at the age of 16, starting her own fashion label, opening a restaurant and creating a successful property investment portfolio. However, her entrepreneurial path was fraught with similar challenges to that of her parents and after experiencing significant losses of her own, she began to re-consider her path in life.

She began asking questions and searching for answers, eager to understand the patterns in her own life and how they mirrored her upbringing.  This triggered a personal journey of self-discovery and a deep desire to understand human behaviour.

As part of her journey of self-discovery, Macushla studied Gestalt Psychology, Neurolingusitic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and got her Masters in Executive Coaching. She gained greater awareness, turned her life around, and now dedicates her life to helping others do the same. She now works with entrepreneurs globally, drawing on her own personal experiences and supporting her clients to reach their goals – achieving long-lasting success, professionally and personally.

She founded Mind Sherpa – an Executive Coaching Company that offers Leadership Training, Executive and Business Coaching. She also has a regular slot on a radio segment with Laurie Atlas on Gold Coast radio stations called ‘Love, Life, Relationships and Everything In-between’ where she brings herself, her vibrant energy and all of her experiences with the goal of supporting others.

Macushla is a living, breathing ball of energy. Her enthusiasm for life and adventurous spirit are infectious. She is outgoing and vivacious on one hand, yet incredibly deep and thoughtful on the other. She’s a real gem.

Here’s a bit more about her, giving you a greater insight into what makes her tick and how she’s living the Bounce Effect by eating good, feeling good and doing good.


Eat Good

What does the term ‘Eat Good’ mean to you?

I was brought up to eat good food. My family were always passionate about permaculture and organic food. Eat Good means eat food that is fresh and unprocessed in small regular quantities.

Do you follow any particular food philosophy?

I particularly like the Paleo regime where one eats no grain, small protein, lots of leafy veg and fruit and nuts occasionally.

You have such good energy. How do you maintain your energy levels?

By being aware of my emotional state and allowing myself to process negative emotions with a therapist or coach.
I think it’s important to process negative emotions with the support of a coach and particularly find hypnotherapy, creative visualisation and meditation most beneficial.
I train every day and take time to connect with nature. I surround myself with positive like-minded people and I am very aware of energy exchange.
My motto is ‘If it’s not win win I am no in’.

Feel Good

What makes you ’Feel Good’?

Climbing mountains, adventure, connecting with family and friends, seeing others smile and grow.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

I love climbing mountains and connecting with nature. I train with 2 trainers regularly, eat well, make use of acupuncture and massage and hypnotherapy regularly… I believe an holistic approach is best.

How would you describe your attitude to life? How does this support you?

As Helen Keller says Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all… I am passionate about learning and I embrace the journey. I believe anything is possible and what I focus on I create.

Each day I wake up knowing anything is possible and I am equipped with enough creativity and resourcefulness to manage any challenge.

I am determined to succeed.

What’s your mantra?

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all – Helen Keller.

Do Good

Your career as a coach and mentor aligns beautifully with the ‘Do Good’ philosophy of the Bounce Effect.  Tell us a bit about what you do.

I am an executive coach specialising in the mindset of entrepreneurs, executives and their team, anybody who is passionate about succeeding in life. I support them to be clear on the outcomes they desire and support them to break through their own limiting beliefs and draw on the resources around them to create the lifestyle and business success they desire.

As a business coach, you help individuals overcome challenges in their business and personal life. Can you give an example of how you have overcome obstacles in your own life? What helped you rise above them?

I was fortunate to have entrepreneurial parents. They faced many challenges and they taught me never to give up and that an obstacle is just an illusion to open the creative channels of opportunity. Sometimes a perceived failure just means that we are being redirected onto the right path.

One of the greatest assets, tools I have is my faith in my own ability to know that I attract the right people and circumstances at the right time. I use daily gratitude and I primarily feel abundant and lucky.  If I feel sad or overwhelmed I allow myself to feel this and I am aware those feelings will pass. It is part of the ebb and flow of life.

What causes are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about getting as many people to smile as I possibly can. I’m passionate about helping others feel empowered within themselves – to have self-belief, faith and gratitude and to connect with each other and nature with love and respect and tolerance.

What motivates you to ‘Do Good’ for others?

When I work with leaders we create inspirational communities and succeed together; this inspires me to see positive change and validates the path in life I have chosen.

How does it feel when you make a difference to the lives of others?

Amazing. I support people to believe in themselves and realise their full potential. There is nothing more satisfying than supporting people to be the best they can be.

Every person I encounter is my teacher and I feel grateful and blessed for each experience. This is not my work; this is my life’s work.

If you’re moved to find out more about Macushla, check out her website

Paula x

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