Living The Bounce Effect: Eat, feel and do good

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Bounce is evolving and we’ve got more to give you than just our products. We want to share our inspiration for a lifestyle: a way of being that nourishes us and inspires us to make positive change. This simple mantra reminds us of how even small actions can make great change…

Eat Good

Given that we are essentially a food company, it makes sense that The Bounce Effect should begin with the food we eat. ‘Eat good’ is not just about eating Bounce products. It’s about choosing natural and nutritious foods as a basis of our diet and avoiding those nasty artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. This part of The Bounce Effect is also about honouring the food we eat…being grateful for it and celebrating it. We believe that appreciating our food is almost as important as the food itself.

Feel Good

When we eat clean, nutritious food we feel naturally energised. However, food is just one part of the equation. We humans are complex beings and our bodies need the right amount of water, sleep, stimulation, exercise, and relaxation in order to thrive. The right amount of all these elements is different for everyone.

Feeling good also depends upon our emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s not about being an eternal optimist, or jumping on the positive thinking bandwagon. I’m not talking about feeling happy all of the time either… is that even possible? We believe it’s about being real: riding life’s roller-coaster of ups and downs with courage and embracing the feelings that go with it. When we approach life with a curious mind, acceptance, a sense of gratitude and a desire to grow, it’s possible to feel better about things, no matter what the circumstances.

When we feel good, we are more likely to attract situations, people and opportunities that support us in our day to day lives.

Do Good

From our perspective, doing good is about using some of that good energy we have in our lives and sharing it with others. It is about taking care of our environment, considering the needs of others and doing our bit to contribute.

Random acts of kindness, like smiling at a stranger, letting a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic, tipping the waitress, and giving a friend a hug are just some examples of how we can do good on daily basis.

Then there are acts of service that involve giving a little more of ourselves. The people we know among our friends, family, neighbours and workmates can always benefit from our thoughtful generosity. If you’re a healthy guy it might be ‘nothing’ for you to help an elderly neighbour with some heavy lifting, for example, but your assistance may well be invaluable to that person.

Sometimes the greatest good we can do is to give our undivided attention to another person. By paying attention and showing an active interest in what’s happening in the lives of those around us we can discover many opportunities to do good.

With open eyes and willing hearts we may use the things we have – be it our compassion or admiration, physical strength, a power drill, or a bit of spare time or money – in a way that makes a significant difference to the quality of life of another, be they a stranger, an acquaintance, or our nearest and dearest.

Just as the smallest pebble dropped into a pond of water will always result in a series of ripples that keeps expanding after the pebble itself has disappeared, one small gesture of help, on our part, can be of much greater value and cause more lasting change for someone than we could ever anticipate. That person, having received the benefit of your giving, may then use this energy to similarly contribute the life of another.

Thus the circle of good is complete, but never finished; the circle of positive energy and action only gets wider and encompasses more lives. This belief is at the heart of Bounce, and is the best explanation of The Bounce Effect that I can give.

So, from now on The Bounce Effect will be linked to six little words: Eat Good – Feel Good – Do Good. For us, one follows on from another, and together they create an energised and meaningful life.

Paula x

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