Introducing Susie Burrell

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The start of a new relationship is always exciting and that it exactly the way I feel at the moment as officially come on board as an ambassador for BOUNCE! So a little bit about me and how I ended up here. I am a dietitian by trade and have worked with adults, athletes and children for the past 20 years helping individuals and teams to improve their nutrition. My belief is that good nutrition builds us a platform to perform at our best on a daily basis and in busy lives eating well comes down to planning and knowing what are the best quick and easy yet healthy choices to grab on the run.

It is for this reason that I have been a fan of Bounce Balls, and recommended them to my clients for many years. Not only do Bounce Balls tick the all so important boxes for good quality carbs for energy and a good amount of protein for fullness, they taste good and are a convenient, nutrient rich food. So I am thrilled to be on board to help communicate the latest and greatest in the world of nutrition and show how BOUNCE Balls can complement your nutrition plan.

Susie x

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