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As a radio host I speak to all kinds of people everyday, from all over the country and all over the world about one main topic – MUSIC! It’s one of my life’s greatest passions, and after working for nearly a decade (whoah!) in music media, it’s been amazing to watch how people’s tastes have evolved.

Just like fashion and art – music definitely goes through it’s own trends. Different genres, artists and styles gain popularity. But there’s been one huge shift over the past year that has really blown me away. The rise of urban music. And not just in urban areas! People all over Australia are embracing RnB and hip hop music like never before, which shows more diversity in our music tastes – and I believe diversity is ALWAYS a good thing.

For the first time in history, R&B/Hip Hop is the #1 most consumed genre in the USA, outdoing both rock and traditional pop. This is huge! Drake is the most streamed artist in the world, and you can’t turn on your radio these days without hearing the likes of Post Malone, Cardi B or Kendrick Lamar. Even Ed Sheeran is collaborating with Eminem.

If you’re not super familiar with a lot of this kinda music – I got you! Here’s a 2018 starter’s playlist for anyone wanting to dip their toe in the big bad world of hip hop without getting in over their heads. Now next time you hear them on the radio you can name drop and look super badass. You’re welcome.

All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar and SZA

Psycho – Post Malone

Pray For Me – The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar

Bartier Cardi – Cardi B

God’s Plan – Drake

Stir Fry – Migos

44 More – Logic

Drugs – 360 (Aussie addition!)

Mistakes – Tkay Maidza + Basenji (Aussie addition!)

Ash xx

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