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Our company tagline, Grab Life, means something different to each one of us – as it’s intricately linked to our personal values, needs and wants. For some it means being bold and adventurous and grabbing new experiences; for others it means focusing more on the things that are important to them, like moments spent with family and friends; while for others it might mean grabbing an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others (I wonder what it means for you?).

Right now (for me) Grab Life has taken on a slightly new meaning – one of grabbing the moment, the opportunity to fully experience what’s happening around me and finding the good in the little things.

I share this with you because this has been a big challenge for me lately. I’ve been in practicality mode, synonymous with business start up craziness and the not-so-glamorous-at-times reality of juggling business, family and life. At times like these I can very easily slide into robotic mode – with my headspace so busy planning, projecting and focusing on the next thing that I can very easily tune out to what’s actually going on around me. And by doing so, I miss the moment – the opportunity to find joy in the unexpected. I miss a lot of things.

It often takes a reality check of some description to bring me back to now. Reality checks can arrive in the form of a gentle nudge, like the words of my littlest daughter reflecting back an all too familiar “just give me a minute, I’ve just got to finish…” to a more heart wrenching “how come you’re always working?” to the more blatant reminders like getting a speeding ticket (perhaps I should slow down?).

I know I’m not alone. This is a modern day challenge for us all. So how do we find that delicate balance of being busy and staying present?

I’m still working on it – I think it‘ll always be a work in progress. But when I do allow myself those moments of connection amidst the chaos – it’s beautiful. The moments where I take the time to lay down with my eldest daughter, stroke her head and listen while she really tells me about her day; the moments where I make a game out of doing chores with the kids; the moments when I take time to notice the beautiful mountain view on my way to the office; the moments where I put my iPhone down and really engage in a meaningful conversation… For me, these moments are opportunities worth noticing and grabbing. This is where the gold is.

I reckon the more moments we can grab along the route towards our goals, the richer life becomes.

The very day I wrote this piece, I came across this placard that read, Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realise they were the big things. These words really resonated with me. Had I not been grabbing a moment, I may not have paused long enough to see them.

On that note, thanks for pausing long enough to read this blog. Hope some of it resonates with you too.

Paula x

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