Girls set to dominate in 2018

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I don’t know if there’s something in the water right now, but there are SO MANY amazing female artists on the verge of worldwide domination. As a lady myself – I ain’t mad about it. Here are my top picks for gals to keep your eye on in 2018:


I’ve blogged about SZA before. Kendrick Lamar’s protege has had some huge features on tracks with Maroon 5 and Kendrick himself, but has also made a huge splash in 2017 with her debut album Ctrl. She recently hit stages in Australia and proved to thousands of live music fans that she has what it takes to stick around. RnB melodies, incredible vocals and enough edge to set her apart.

Song to start off with: The Weekend


Billie Eilish

I had the pleasure of meeting Billie Eilish on a recent trip to Los Angeles where she lives with her Mum, Dad and brother. The reason she still lives at home? She’s 16! That doesn’t stop her from making UTTERLY badass tunes. She makes beats in her garage with her brother – the kinda music that doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio right now. Her first Aussie tour went down in 2017 and she was incredible.

Song to start off with: Bellyache

Cardi B

OK, Cardi B is already dominating – but it’s clear that domination is set to continue in 2018. She spent time at number 1 on the US billboard chart which was HUGE for a female urban artists – she even managed to topple Taylor Swift off the top! Her track ‘Bodak Yellow’ put her on the map, and her unique brand of bright, dirty, urban rap has cemented her as one of the biggest names in popular music right now. You also need to follow her on Insta just to watch her ridiculous antics. Total legend.

Song to start off with: Bodak Yellow

Honourable mentions: Dagny, Kita Alexander, Sigrid, Jessie Reyes and Jorja Smith. As if I could only choose 3!

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