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Have you ever had the urge to visit a psychic, a fortune-teller or explore something along similar lines? I usually get this type of urge during tough times and transitional phases in my life – when I’m not so sure about things and need a little extra guidance or someone to reassure me and tell me things are going to be all right. Can you relate at all?

In the past, during times like these I’ve delved into palm reading, tarot reading, astrological charts, numerological charts…you name it. All of these experiences have served me in some way, offering an outsider’s perspective; an external voice supporting and providing much needed clarity when my own inner guidance system is a little off and in need of direction.

Lately I’ve been feeling that urge again, triggered by our move to the US. We are literally starting over and even though we’ve done this before in Australia, there are still plenty of big unknowns to contend with and I can feel a little lost at times. This time however, instead of looking outside myself for direction, I’m taking a look inwards and applying some life coaching principles (from a past life) to my current life.

Here’s what’s working for me right now:

Create the Vision

For me, it’s so important to know what I want to achieve and to be able to picture it. Without a clear vision it’s much easier to get side-tracked when life gets frantic and find myself focussing on the bumps in the road rather than the big picture. So with this is mind, Andy and I created our vision for the next 12 months. We talked about what we wanted to create and out of this discussion came a collection of motivational images and inspirational words, which then became our “make it happen” collage.

Connect with the Vision

It’s one thing to create a vision, but the pictures have to really mean something. A vision is most powerful when we fully connect with it. So at home, we position our vision collage around the house in places we’re likely to sit down long enough to take it all in. Don’t be surprised if you come and visit and find a copy in the shower – it’s as good a place as any!

Focus on Feeling Good

As well as creating a visual connection, it’s really important to have an emotional connection to the vision. In the beginning it can feel a little out of reach and hard to see as possible. However the more I see it, the more I start to feel it.
Oh and finding a way to feel good along the way is an important part of it…even if things are not happening the way I envisaged.

Act Accordingly

A vision becomes a reality by taking actions to achieve it. So I’m focused on moving forward, regardless of whether the steps are big or small. Progress energises me, giving me the impetus to keep on keeping on.

Remaining Open

I’m a bit of a recovering control freak, so I have to constantly remind myself to hold the vision, but remain flexible at the same time. Sometimes things can play out differently than first thought and we can actually end up better for it. So whilst I believe in holding a strong vision, I always remind myself to remain open to “this or something better”. This creates room for magic and miracles (whatever way you look at it).

Be Grateful

Regardless of what challenges I’m facing, there is always a plethora of things to be grateful for. I’m continually reminding myself that whilst I may be complaining about juggling multiple roles and noisy neighbours…I’m so blessed to have the opportunities I do. Feeling gratitude is truly a medicine for my soul.

So right now, I’m busily connecting to my vision, taking steps in the direction of it, being grateful, remaining open and trying to keep the good vibes rolling whilst riding this roller-coaster phase of life. It’s not always pretty but it’s real.

I hope that sharing my process with you helps you carve out a process of your own, should you ever find yourself in foggy times.

Paula x

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