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There are many pathways to feeling good. It’s such a personal thing. Each of us has our own unique blend of things that help us feel good. For me, finding some ‘me time’, travelling, exercising, writing and hanging out with my family are just a few things that bring me joy. What’s in your feel good repertoire?

Sometimes, despite the many enjoyable things we do, life can still challenge us in the feel good department. During difficult times, when we are up against it, good feelings can seem out of reach – be it work issues, relationship stuff, financial stress, health issues or a multitude of other life events.

So, when times are tough, how do we find our way back to feeling good?

I’ve been navigating a way back myself recently. Leaving the familiar shores of Australia (to launch Bounce in the United States) has been challenging for a homebody like me. At times I find myself mourning the comforts of home, my extended family and my close friends and have been experiencing a whole gamut of mixed emotions. Situations like this one can definitely create some downward pressure on my personal feel-good-odometer.

I’ve been trying to rediscover my usual feel good vibes and thought I’d share this process with you (in case you lose track of your own path to feeling good).

Here’s the process I’ve found useful. It helps create a mindset that supports feeling good – no matter what happens in life.

Feel it all (even if it’s uncomfortable)
Feeling the good, the bad and the ugly. In my experience, avoiding the uncomfortable stuff just prolongs it. By acknowledging and feeling all of the emotions it’s easier to let them go. Talking about how I feel and writing it down also helps me accept what I’m going through, reminding me that I’m human. It feels good to let it all out.

Look for the good (it’s right there)
When I’m out of kilter, I’ve a tendency to focus on what’s missing. How about you? To counter this, I deliberately shift my focus to the good things around me; and everything I have to be grateful for. Writing down things I’m grateful for each day is a great way of turning things around for me. Taking my time with it allows me to feel gratitude while I write, so it’s not just a head thing but also a whole body experience. Why not give it a try?
Right now, I’m grateful for my family and the strengthening bond between us as we do this thing together.

Find meaning in it (look for the learning)
Once I understand the purpose of an event in my life, it’s so much easier for me to get my head around. Once I’ve made sense of it, the rest is easy. This step has helped me take the biggest leaps. It might just help you make a few leaps of your own.
The questions I often ask myself are “what’s the blessing in this?” and “what is this teaching me?” Right now, in my given situation, I know I’m gaining confidence by expanding my world and I’m learning more about myself with every new experience. This strengthens and validates my purpose.
How could these questions support you?

Achieving goals is one thing – but it’s not the end result that’s important. It’s how you feel along the way. To me, finding a feel good route through life’s ups and downs is the key.

I reckon feeling good is the fertile ground for harvesting more good. When we feel good, we are more inclined to do good (for ourselves and others); and doing good feels good; and when we feel good we are more likely to eat good (which feels good) and so on.

This is the very nature of The Bounce Effect.

Paula x


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