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When faced with important life decisions, how do you know which path to take?

For as long as I can remember I would weigh up the pros and cons, think it through and try to be rational about it. Whilst there is merit in this common sense approach to decision making, I would often find myself to-ing and fro-ing like no-one’s business. Rational thinking is indeed an important factor. However, there is another layer – one which involves getting connected to what feels right. In other words, our intuition.

Intuition is that little voice inside your head, or perhaps it’s a feeling in your gut that helps you navigate the path from “I think so” to “I know”. Unfortunately, on many occasions, it kicks-in when you have already jumped the gun and can be heard saying in retrospect, “I knew I should have!”

I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been a bit of a slow learner with my own intuition. There have been many times when I’ve felt a sense that ‘there’s something not quite right here’, but have continued in any case because it made sense or ticked all the boxes; only to end up finding out the hard way. Life has been a great teacher for me; demonstrating time after time how valuable my gut instinct is. So much so that it’s now become my inner guidance system – my inner chairman of the board.

For one reason or another, we lose track of the ability to access our intuition. Here is a simple technique for accessing intuition, which I learned from my Personal Coach, Maryanne Perry. In sharing it with you, I hope it helps you connect with your own intuitive voice.

According to Maryanne, we need to be in the right emotional state for intuitive decision making. In Maryanne’s words, “The ideal state for dialling up our intuition is feeling relaxed and slightly positive, with a clear vision of the outcome.” In other words, we need to be able to visualise having achieved our goal.

I used this technique recently when I was unable to make the decision between two great schools for my girls. The decision was made difficult by the fact that they were both brilliant schools for different reasons.

I began the process by focussing on the end goal: seeing the girls relaxed, happy and settled in their new school. I imagined the girls and I walking the corridors of each school, embodying the feeling of actually being there (it helped that we had actually visited both schools). In doing so, I was able to literally feel my way to the best decision.

Making decisions based on what feels right aligns with the ‘Feel Good – Do Good’ philosophy of The Bounce Effect. When we feel good about what we do, our head and heart align; good energy flows and we are more likely to create the results we want in our lives. It’s all good!

Paula x

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