Lisa Karaki

Hailing from Perth, Lisa Karaki is a food blogger with a passion for health, fitness and of course cooking! She loves to share her mostly plant-based meal ideas and recipe creations, as well as her lifestyle tips for living a healthy and happy life!

Lisa believes that ‘health’ encompasses physical health and overall wellbeing – so whilst most of the time ‘being healthy’ involves bike rides and acai bowls, sometimes it’s having that not-so-healthy piece of birthday cake and enjoying every last bit of it!

Aside from blogging, Lisa is studying education at uni, works as a special needs education assistant and is also a model.

‘As someone who eats a mostly plant-based diet and does a lot of exercise, I sometimes struggle to make sure I eat enough protein! For this reason, I love having Bounce Plant Power balls with me at all times, particularly if I’m exercising. I love having one before, during, or after working out and find that they really boost my energy and keep me full. I also love taking them with me to work or uni to snack on throughout the day!’ – Lisa Karaki

Lisa is Bounce’s resident foodie and provides healthy meal ideas, tips and tricks.