Mindset & Goal Setting – Part 2

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This article is a follow up from last month’s post on mindset and the three A method for reaching your goals.

In the first article we looked at the first A, Awareness, focusing on the importance of self awareness in identifying what you want, why you want it and how to get it.

Once you identify your goal and what it will take to achieve it, two things need to take place before you begin working towards it. The first is to identify the steps towards the goal and what potential barriers you may encounter and then divide them into what you can and can’t control. The steps and you can control, we will take action on later. But first, you need to accept what you can’t control and make peace with them and then figure out how to work around these barriers should they occur. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Typically things you can’t control can make for convenient excuses. Such having to stay back at work and barely having time to cook meaning you grab a burger and fries on the way home. Accepting the things you can’t control and not allowing them to deter you from your goal is fundamental to being able to achieve it.

Finally comes Action. This is by far the hardest step in achieving a goal, as it actually requires you doing something. Something that will likely involve hard work, discomfort, pain and possibly result in failure, which is a scary thought when society deems failure a negative. But all these things are part of the process. Failure to take action usually indicates that the goal isn’t actually as important as you may have thought. In which case it’s equally as important to know when to accept when perhaps something isn’t as important as you initially thought and re assess if it’s worth investing more time on.

Life is short and time is a precious commodity.


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